The Hangleton Brass Band

The Hangleton Brass Band is an active, modern, brass band based in Hangleton, in the City of Brighton and Hove, in Sussex, England. We have both an active Senior and Youth Band and take our membership from a wide cross section of the local community. There are currently around 80 members, some of whom play in both bands, with a group of young learners constantly feeding into the Youth Band, which alone has 50 members.We are are currently the only Hove Brass Band.

We have charitable status and operate as a single entity with all proceeds from fundraising, concerts and subscriptions being spent on the band, rather than being targeted at any individuals or sections. We have a large repertoire of music with anything from Mozart to Miller to Mercury!

The Hangleton Brass Band is one of three Brighton Brass Bands..


About the Hangleton Brass Band Music Groups

The Hangleton Brass Band is a:

  1. Hove Brass Band
  2. Brighton Brass Band
  3. East Sussex Brass Band
  4. West Sussex Brass Band
  5. Sussex Brass Band
  6. Brighton and Hove Brass Band

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Hangleton in located in the City of Brighton and Hove, adjacent to both East Sussex and West Sussex. We play Hove brass band concerts throughout the year and are available for hire across Brighton and Hove City, East Sussex and West Sussex.

Join us. The Hangleton Band is a Hove music group which is always looking for new members. If you play the euphonium, tuba, tenor horn, baritone horn, cornet or percussion why not get in touch.


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Hangleton Ten Piece Band

In addition to the Senior and Youth bands Hangleton now has a Ten Piece band, a smaller group available to play at events where the main band would be too large or overpowering.

So far in the last couple of years the Ten Piece has played at several weddings and birthday parties around the Brighton area.

The band is a condensed version of the main band, with ten players covering all the main parts. Typically the line up consists of four cornets, a tenor horn, a baritone horn, a euphonium, a trombone, a tuba and percussion. The Ten Piece has a flexible membership drawn from the main band as the need arises.

The Ten Piece has a varied selection of music available to it, and is willing to purchase music especially for an event if requested.

Enquires and bookings for the Ten Piece can be made by contacting

  • 10 pce 004
  • 10 pce 010a
  • 10 pce 015a
  • 10 pce 025


Join Us

We are always looking for new members to join our bands. We are currently looking for Solo Cornet players to boost our ranks!  If you would like to join either band, please email



Hire Us

The Hangleton Band is available for events in the Brighton, Hove and Sussex regions. Drawing on our Senior, Youth and Ten Piece Bands we can tailor a group for many kinds of events. If you are interested in hiring us, please email:

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